Summary: How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World by Harry Browne

“How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World” is an ugly-looking book by a former US politician who you won’t have heard of, advocating a worldview that could easily be criticised as selfish or impractical.

It’s not a perfect book, but I re-read it every couple of years because it contains a simple message that’s easy to forget: you have far more control over your life than you think you do.

My 10 financial principles

From well over a decade of reading obsessively and investing broadly (and often badly), I’ve identified 10 financial principles that sum up my view of how you should run your personal finances. You’ll disagree with at least a few of them.

Summary: The Star Principle by Richard Koch

Whether you want to start a business, invest in one or find a great one to work for, how do you know whether a business idea is good enough? Most business books are infuriatingly vague on the subject – but The Star Principle is specific, easy to understand, and makes intuitive sense.

Why you’re always wrong

There’s a rule I’ve come up with over the last couple of years: if you want an accurate prediction for what’s going to happen, ask someone who’s not emotionally invested in the outcome.

Buying and selling property is painful. This is a good thing.

Buying or selling a property in the UK is one of the most painful and frustrating experiences that the majority of adults voluntarily put themselves through. Although I love property as an investment, I’ve always considered this transactional torment to be one of its biggest drawbacks. In fact though, for investors it could be one of its biggest advantages – by protecting them from themselves…

You’re wrong about your risk tolerance

When you first visit a financial advisor, they’ll take you through a quiz to determine your attitude to risk. This has a fatal flaw: you can’t possibly know how you’ll feel about losing money until it happens.

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