Hi! I’ve probably sent you this link because I’ll be appearing on your show.

Here you’ll find a bio, headshot, and a list of topics I love talking about. Chat soon!


Rob is the co-founder of propertyhub.net and the bestselling author of The Price Of Money (Penguin). He co-presents the UK’s most popular property podcast, and has a weekly column in The Sunday Times.


Topics of interest

Property / real estate

  • Why property is better for storing wealth than generating wealth
  • Investing as a leveraged bet on inflation
  • Why I rent the home I live in
  • How I spend less than 1 hour per month on my portfolio

Personal finance / investing

  • Why people put too much emphasis on saving and investing, and not enough on earning
  • Building a truly diversified portfolio
  • The “Die With Zero” mindset

Business / entrepreneurship

  • Podcasting – lessons from presenting for 10 years (never missing a week)
  • YouTube – still learning about this
  • Open-book management and profit share
  • Having a great partnership
  • Self-publishing

Personal development / life

  • Building accountability into goal setting
  • Living a “lightweight life”
  • Being a contrarian
  • Benefits of being a jack of all trades

Topics I love to talk about, but have no particular expertise in

  • Fitness / strength training
  • Philosophy
  • Music
  • Coffee
  • Parenting
  • AI


  • Studied Cognitive Neuroscience then went into the music industry
  • Quit and lived as a “digital nomad” for 7 years
  • Fell into property; wrote 4 books about it
  • Married with 2 young kids
  • Lives in London, UK
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