Thank you for helping me out! I just have one question for you.

Background: A new edition of my book The Price Of Money is being released on 30 March. I want as many people as possible to pre-order the hardback specifically, because it makes the book more likely to hit the Sunday Times bestseller list.

I’m considering two different incentives for people to pre-order:

Option 1: An in-person event, held on a summer evening in London and Manchester. The event will be themed around the future of the economy (and how you should invest). The format will be me in conversation with 2-3 notable authors on stage, with Q&A sections.

Option 2: A series of 3 virtual sessions, held on weekday lunchtimes. Each session will be similar to the live event: me talking with a notable author, and you can ask questions live. The sessions will be recorded so you can watch later if you miss any.

The question: Which would make you more likely to spend £15 on a book – even if you’d potentially read the book already, or had ordered it in a different format?

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