Hi! Thank you for offering to be an early reader of my new book. Just submit this form and I'll make it happen - unless I have a crazy volume of responses, in which case I'll need to pick some at random.

I've had to set specific deadlines to get feedback in before publishing, so please read below and make sure they work for you before you commit. I understand that reading an entire book in a short amount of time is a big ask, so I know it might not be possible.

Thank you - I really appreciate your help!

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(You can edit this if it isn't showing correctly)

Important practicalities

Please make sure you're OK with all this before committing

  • You'll receive the book to read on 9th May, and will have until 29th May (just under 3 weeks) to read it
  • You'll received it as a PDF and a Google Doc – unfortunately I can't provide a paperback, audio version, or a format that's easier to get onto a Kindle
  • I'll send you a form with some structured questions you can use to provide your feedback, and you're welcome to send additional comments too
Are the dates and practicalities above all OK with you?(Required)
How would you rate your knowledge of economics?(Required)
There's no "right" answer - I ideally want a mix of people from all levels.

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