Hi! I’m Rob.

I’m sort-of known in a certain corner of the internet for talking about property investment a lot. This website is where all my other interests live.

What I do

I co-founded a company called Property Hub, which offers both advice and services to property investors. I’m now its Marketing Director. I also co-present The Property Podcast, which is the UK’s most popular business podcast.

While doing that, I spend about a third of each year visiting different cities abroad with my family. For about four years before this, we travelled virtually full-time while working.

What you’ll find here

It all boils down to “freedom”, covered from different angles.

I write about “location independence“, which is an obvious type of freedom: the ability to base yourself wherever you want, indefinitely, then leave at a moment’s notice.

I also end up writing about entrepreneurship – which is the freedom to earn a living without anyone else’s permission.

Then there’s personal finance and investing, which leads to the ultimate freedom: owning assets that make enough money that you can spend your days however you want.

And finally, there’s no point having all this freedom if you don’t know how to be happy – so I’m also interested in psychology and everyday philosophy.

Where to start

For the full back story, read the epic story of how we went from full-time work to full-time travel – including where we went and what we did, month-by-month.

How to contact me

Email is good. You’ll also find a form at the end of each article, which you can use to send me your reactions, ideas and (inevitable) corrections.

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