Hi! I’m Rob.

I’m the co-founder of Property Hub, which offers advice and services to property investors. As part of my role at Property Hub I co-present the UK’s most popular business podcast (350,000 monthly downloads and 1,000+ five-star reviews), and have written several popular books.

If you’re interested in UK property, head over there. If you’re interested in business, location independence, personal finance and everyday philosophy, stick around here.

I live in London, UK, but spend a third of each year travelling with my family. For about four years before this, I travelled virtually full-time while building our business.

Where to start

You might be interested in the story of how we went from full-time work to full-time travel – including where we went and what we did, month-by-month.

People also enjoy reading my 10 financial principles. My favourite thing I’ve written is this piece on parenthood.

How to contact me

Email is good – I always reply (eventually). I’m also on Twitter.

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