The chemistry of motivation

For a day, I had no motivation whatsoever. I couldn’t be bothered to look at my to-do list, let alone actually do anything on it. I thought a change of scenery might help so I walked listlessly to a cafe, but couldn’t even be bothered to go inside and order so I sat on a bench outside for half an hour. Even my normal procrastination activities were too much effort.

How to eliminate complaining from your life

By indulging in complaining, you’re voluntarily making your experience of life worse than it needs to be. Here’s how to cut it out.

Yes, you should try to time the market

Market timing usually goes badly wrong, and investors are rightly cautioned against it. But there are important exceptions…

Why I take a photo every single day

I’ve been taking a photo every day for months. Learn why I started doing it, and what the benefits have been.

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