Interest rates aren’t coming back up

When multiple explanations are pointing to the same outcome, you can have a good level of certainty about what will happen next.

Stronger, smarter, richer

How to harness the principle of compound interest to get whatever you want – with just a small daily effort.

Bonds: All risk, no reward

Historically, there have been very good reasons to invest in government bonds. Now, I don’t believe there are. Find out why…

In praise of the lightweight life

You don’t have to become a full-time globetrotter – you can still get most of the benefits by embracing a “lightweight life”…

Are Premium Bonds worth investing in?

Premium Bonds are a thoroughly bizarre savings product: one I’d paradoxically call a “safe gamble”. But are they worth investing in?

In praise of procrastination

Don’t beat youreself up for procrastinating – instead, turn it into a tool to understand yourself better.

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