Two reasons to be careful who you give your money to

The other week, shares in the UK’s biggest wealth manager (holding £150 billion of client funds) fell by more than 20% in a single day. Why? Suspected fraud? Accounting scandal? No… a report that the UK regulator might force it to scrap the exit fees it charges its customers. People have complained about the fees

Overcoming lifestyle inflation: Why the “10% Rule” isn’t enough

There’s not much you can do about inflation (unless you’re Rishi Sunak, apparently). But we can all do something about lifestyle inflation. This describes something we’ve all seen people do, and probably done ourselves to a degree: every time your earnings increase, your spending increases to match. No-one is immune: I know investment bankers earning

The “everything stagnation” is coming

I jokingly wrote the other day that “The best time to start investing was 20 years ago – the second best time is… well, probably another 10 years from now but hey”. Except… it’s not really a joke. Because it does appear that we’re shifting from the “everything bubble” to the “everything stagnation” – meaning

Bonds: All risk, no reward

Historically, there have been very good reasons to invest in government bonds. Now, I don’t believe there are. Find out why…

In praise of the lightweight life

You don’t have to become a full-time globetrotter – you can still get most of the benefits by embracing a “lightweight life”…

Strong routines, changed often

Strong routines are the foundation of good habits and a productive life. But those routines need occasional major shake-ups – here’s why…

Observations after two months working abroad

I’ve just got back from spending two months in Seville. I’ll share a few thoughts about Seville itself at the end, but more relevant to you is how an extended trip like this can shake up how you work – in a really positive way.

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