Compound interest is over-rated

When people wax lyrical about the power of compounding, they like to tell an 11th century story about a clever inventor who asks the king to pay him by placing one grain of rice on the first square of a chess board, then doubling it on each successive square. The king laughs at what a

Money Market Funds explained

People are pulling money out of banks at a record rate. Banks have been slow to pass on rate increases to savers – leading to an explosion of interest in other options. One such option is Money Market Funds, which have increased in popularity by 400% over the past year. I recently moved some cash into

Are Premium Bonds worth investing in?

Premium Bonds are a thoroughly bizarre savings product: one I’d paradoxically call a “safe gamble”. But are they worth investing in?

A beginner’s guide to Bitcoin security

With Bitcoin you have complete responsibility for your security – which is its beauty, but daunting too. Here’s how to get started.

What really happens if you miss the best days in the market?

You’ve probably heard the investing maxim that if you miss just a few of the best days in the stock market over a decade or more, your returns will be drastically affected. This turns out not to be the whole story…

The best thing to invest in

What’s better – shares, property, private lending, angel investment, something else? There is a right answer, but it’s not based on percentage return…

Yes, you should try to time the market

Market timing usually goes badly wrong, and investors are rightly cautioned against it. But there are important exceptions…

Why renting a home is better than owning it

Throwing money away? Need to get on the housing ladder? The “forever home”? All nonsense – read on to find out why renting get an unfairly hard time.

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