Two reasons to be careful who you give your money to

The other week, shares in the UK’s biggest wealth manager (holding £150 billion of client funds) fell by more than 20% in a single day. Why? Suspected fraud? Accounting scandal? No… a report that the UK regulator might force it to scrap the exit fees it charges its customers. People have complained about the fees

Overcoming lifestyle inflation: Why the “10% Rule” isn’t enough

There’s not much you can do about inflation (unless you’re Rishi Sunak, apparently). But we can all do something about lifestyle inflation. This describes something we’ve all seen people do, and probably done ourselves to a degree: every time your earnings increase, your spending increases to match. No-one is immune: I know investment bankers earning

The “everything stagnation” is coming

I jokingly wrote the other day that “The best time to start investing was 20 years ago – the second best time is… well, probably another 10 years from now but hey”. Except… it’s not really a joke. Because it does appear that we’re shifting from the “everything bubble” to the “everything stagnation” – meaning

Compound interest is over-rated

When people wax lyrical about the power of compounding, they like to tell an 11th century story about a clever inventor who asks the king to pay him by placing one grain of rice on the first square of a chess board, then doubling it on each successive square. The king laughs at what a

A better alternative to Inheritance Tax

Of all the great intractable debates of our time (toilet roll over or under, jam or cream on your scone first…), the “right amount” of inheritance tax will surely be the last to be resolved. One side takes the position of: “It’s my money, I’ve already paid tax on it at least once, why do

Money Market Funds explained

People are pulling money out of banks at a record rate. Banks have been slow to pass on rate increases to savers – leading to an explosion of interest in other options. One such option is Money Market Funds, which have increased in popularity by 400% over the past year. I recently moved some cash into

Begin Again

What if you didn’t need to wait until the start of a new year to initiate habits, to pursue a fresh goal, to set an intention? What if you could make a change on any day? At any time? In any moment?

Stronger, smarter, richer

How to harness the principle of compound interest to get whatever you want – with just a small daily effort.

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