How to be successful

Standard goal-setting advice is to come up with a definition of achieving your goal that’s specific and measurable, then work backwards to make a plan for how you’ll get there.

In most cases, this is great advice. But for one of the most important subjects there is – the success of your own life – I believe you should do the opposite.

Email peeves

Know that when you email me, I will be silently judging you. And if you do any of these things, the judgement won’t be kind.


Why children are happier and more successful than you are. And younger, obviously.

How to sign up for an Amazon advertising account in the UK

Anyone who sells on Amazon can sign up to run adverts on the produce pages of similar items, and in relevant search results. It’s supposedly been available in the UK for a long time, but for years I couldn’t work out how to sign up as an advertiser. Google searches didn’t bring up anything that

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