Bonus rule #0: Don’t take life advice from random people on the internet.

But if you did, here’s what I’d pass on…

1: If someone tells you they’re “ethical” and you can trust them, run a mile in the other direction.

It would never occur to a trustworthy person that they even needed to say it.

2: If you’re consistently failing to get the reactions you want from people, think about how you might be coming across.

Chances are it’s not everyone else – it’s you.

3: Nothing is more of a turn-off than desperation – in dating, job hunting, everything.

To avoid coming across as desperate:
(1) Don’t be
(2) Convince yourself you’re not

4: There’s no time limit on apologies.

As soon as you realise you’ve done something wrong is the best time, but years later is better than never.

5: It’s a helpful illusion to believe everything is within your control.

It isn’t, but the belief prevents you making excuses and blaming other people – and it’s proven to make you happier.

6: If you assume everyone’s doing their best, all your interactions will be better – and the world doesn’t need to change at all.

7: Any plan that relies on people being different from how they are is doomed to fail.

It’s easier to change a plan than it is to change other people.

8: Nobody ever regretted going for a run or a workout.

Even if it feels like the last thing you want to do, you’ll always thank yourself afterwards.

9: If you can just leave your part of the world (and the people in it) a tiny bit better when you go to bed than it was when you woke up, that’s a successful day.

And finally…

10: Let other people off the train first.

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